Commercial Construction

We are the leading commercial contractor in Toronto.

Our company offers top-quality commercial construction management services to fit your needs.

Real experience

When it comes to commercial space renovation, we have the experience that will help your company grow. With our services for all types of businesses including manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities, we collaborate with architects on budgeting solutions as well value added design ideas so you can stay focused where matters most expanding business success!

We keep your business running while you’re renovating.

As a business grows and develops, needs change. As a result, renovations are often required. Regardless of whether these projects are minor cosmetic upgrades or major expansions, for those using the space it is important that construction does not adversely impact those working or living on the property.

Our Commercial Services

Project Management: Our experience means that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

General Contracting: The construction of this project is being handled in-house, which means we’re providing all materials and services necessary.

Building Maintenance: Your commercial property is in good hands with us. We’ll take care of all aspects so that it remains to look its best!

Office Renovations: With CFC Contracting by your side, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything will go according to plan.

Plumbing: The plumbing needs of your home or business are in capable hands with CFC Contracting. We provide professional service that you can always rely on!

Electrical: The electricians at our company are the best in their field, so when you hire them for your project it’ll be an easy decision.

Painting: We have the best painting team and they do it all! From the interior, exterior residential, or commercial locations to custom house paintings.

Kitchen: Creating the perfect kitchen is not easy. With our experience, we make it a simple and fun process for you!

Bathrooms: Create your bathroom with CFC Contracting and make it the perfect space for you.